Updates – No updates

I haven’t posted updates here for a long time.. The reason for that is that since the beginning of this year I’ve been so busy with projects that I simply haven’t had the time to keep the website up to date. As soon as I have capacity I will catch up with this, and share info about all the works. For a teaser I list some keywords here:

Guerilla Architects – Re:Visited
4 channel audio-visual installation, exhibited for 6 months at Berlinische Galerie

Guerilla Architects and Alícia Augustin – Tragödie, Akt III ‘The more you know’
live streaming show at Radialsystem, sound production, music, and live mixing

Tanzfähig and Karina Suárez Bosche – Mit den Augen der Haut
dance film, premiered at Soundance Festival 2021 Berlin, sound and music

Mikel Aristegui – Son Libre
dance performance, soundtrack

Neural Paradises – Immersive Brainwaves & Dance Experience
interactive workshop with movement, audio-visual installation, and brain-sensor interface

Neural Paradises

I got on board in a very exciting neuroscience/art project by José Fernando Andrade’s Innative Lab. Neural Paradises is a performance series including movement, audio-visuals, and brainwaves. It is an interactive performance, involving the audience using brain-sensor interface. The focus of the research is social dramaturgy of collective brain and movement synchronisation.

I would have had the first presentations with them as part of the EDGE 2020 neuroscience & art exhibition at Alte Münze, Berlin, on 31st October and 1st November. However, by the time I write this post the exhibition got already postponed because of the development of the pandemic situation. Likely we will have a live-broadcast online presentation sometime in November instead. I will post details once it gets cleared up.


RE:VISITED will be an exhibition and audio-visual installation by the Berlin based architect collective Guerilla Architects. It will be exhibited in Berlinische Galerie for 3 months in beginning of 2021. I have just started the work with them on the audio content, further details to be posted later on this year..

Der Sammler

After long blank period spent mainly with teaching, some works are popping up on the horizon.

‘Der Sammler’ is a film production by Beatriz Rodríguez, for which I will take care of the sound engineer’s roll – sound recording and post-production. The shooting takes place in September and the film will be finalised sometime towards the end of this year.


COVID update: Sismograf Festival is cancelled, no realistic perspective to finish Badarsag in April or any time soon. The project is on hold. Our plans for our further collaboration and shows with Karina Suárez Bosche have also become a big bunch of question marks for this year.

Likely there will be not much project related info to post here for a while. I might upload some music from the recent period some time soon.

Let’s keep it up…

Badarsag vs Corona

It’s official now, I can not leave on Wednesday to work on the production of Badarsag in Spain. With the rapid development of the epidemic the work – just as the flight – is cancelled. The rest of the non-Spanish crew is leaving Spain in a hurry while they still can.

Attila Andrási – Badarsag

From this Sunday I’m working in Granollers, Spain with Attila Andrási. His new piece Badarsag will premier at Sismograf Festival, Olot in the end of April. I am about to spend a week now in the studio with the crew, and rejoin them later on in March for another work period.

Attila Andrási – Badarsag

First work period with the new production ‘Badarsag’, at Jurányi Ház in Budapest. The piece will premier in Spain in April 2020.

Choreography, dance: Attila Andrási, Krisztina Szirtes
Sound, music: Gabor Csongradi
Costume and visuals: Reickhof Carolina 
Producer: Àlex Pujol