Mikel Aristegui – In Between

I am working on the soundtrack of In Between, the next dance performance of Mikel Aristegui, performed by himself, Nuria Sotelo, and Rosabel Huguet, on 15th November, at Auditorium of Ourense, Spain. The piece presents the question of the binary definition of gender, to reflect on the importance of today’s need to treat gender “not defined” in order to begin a dialogue on equality. I love to work with Mikel, his artistic mission is very coherent just as himself as a person is. I can’t wait to see  the premier of this piece.

Orthogonal Gardens – Loop film symphony

Commemorating the bicentenary of Ignác Semmelweis’s birth, Collegium Hungaricum presents a three-stage ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, taking as base Ádám Albert’s installation The Gardener’s Truth, about current and future relationship between nature and humankind. A live film made by the team of András Juhász with live-camera-feedback technique, and a contemporary symphony composed by the CHB Orchestra give the other elements of the collaborative performance, taking place in CHB on 9th November at 8pm, and a film will be made of the sound and video footage of this evening.

Orthogonal Gardens – Loop film symphony
9th November, 8pm, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Live film group:
András Juhász
Lili Raubinek
Júlia Vavra
András Táborosi
Dávid Maruscsák

CHB Orchestra:
Samu Gryllus
Gabor Csongradi
Ernő Hock
Rudi Fischerlehner
Anna Kaluza
Ádám Mészáros
Rieko Okuda



This year’s Performing Space workshop will be something new, Paolo Cingolani will join Emese Csornai and me to bring mentoring from the movement aspect as well, we will have the beautiful Wiesenburg Halle as new location, this will be – as we call it – our first “Eye candy” edition. The six-day workshop is a research providing the participants with practical tools to make best use of the multimedia infrastructure of dance- and movement theatre, both conceptually and in realisation of a piece. More information here.

Time frame: 1-6. October 2018 / 14-18h daily
Viewing: 6th October 19:30
Location: Wiesenburg Halle (Wiesenstrasse 55. 13357 Berlin Wedding)
Registration: info@emesecsornai.com

Arbeit/Spiel/Muse premier

Next weekend is the premier of Anna Katalin Németh’s final project at the Master of Chorerography programm of HZT – Hochschulübergreifende Zentrum Tanz Berlin. This is going to be a very exciting performance with 6 dancers, 2 painters, and I will also play the music live on stage.

Arbeit/Spiel/Muse (Work/Play/Muse)
15th & 16th June 2018 – 20:30h @ Uferstudios / Studio 14

Arbeit/Spiel/Muse Trailer from Anna Katalin Nemeth on Vimeo.

Performance: Attila Andrási, Abraham Iglesias Rodriguez, Florencia Martina, Imola Nagy, Laura Beschi and Nico Arawá
Painting: Juana Anzellini, Mathias Pelda
Music: Gabor Csongradi
Dramaturgy and light: Daniel Paiva de Miranda
Concept and Choreography: Anna Katalin Németh and her team
Szenographie: Janja Valjarević
Costume: Bärbel Jahn and Ulla Hartmann
External Mentor: Be Van Vark
HZT Mentor: Dr. Christiane Berger

The Production is created in the frame of the Master Study Choreography at the Hochschulübergreifende Zentrum Tanz Berlin and got supported by the Deutschen Bühnenverein, Landesverband Berlin, and the DAAD Deutsche Akademischer Austauschdienst.

CHB Incubator

Next week I will be giving personalised workshops to two highly talented young musicians, as part of Collegium Hungaricum Berlin’s “Incubator” program. This new program is a co-operation between CHB and Snétberger Music Talent Center in Hungary, which is an institute supporting talented Roma youngsters, and providing a unique type of mentoring in their development. Two students of the institute, Orsolya Janszo and Attila Farkas were invited by CHB to spend a month in Berlin and get an insight to the art and music scene of the city, through mentoring and workshops provided by musicians living and working there.

Arbeit/Spiel/Muse by Anna Katalin Németh

Starting the work with a new project, “Arbeit/Spiel/Muse” will be the final project of Anna Katalin Németh at the Master of Chorerography programm of HZT (Hochschulübergreifende Zentrum Tanz Berlin). This piece will be performed by 6 dancers, 2 painters, and me playing live music, on 15th & 16th June 2018 at Uferstudios, Berlin. More details and project page in the Works menu will come soon.