CHB Conduction Series

CHB launches Compositions, a new instrumental music project as part of the Conduction Series, focusing on the CHB Orchestra´s collective music composition process with a decent part of improvisation. Each member of the orchestra brings an idea for a composition that they develop together during the one-week-long preparation process and then perform to the public. Though the Orchestra is truly international, the base for individual compositions lies in Hungarian avant-garde music traditions. On the one hand, inspiration comes from alternative works of contemporary composers of the New Music Studio such as László Sáry, Zoltán Jeney, Péter Eötvös and László Vidovszky. On the other hand the musical pieces may reference to compositions of famous classical composers like Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály or Ferenc Liszt.

28th April, 8pm – Concert and Live Album recording at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Gabor Csongradi – guitar, electronics
Ernő Hock – double bass
Samu Gryllus – mentoring and bass guitar
Hannes Lingens – drums, accordion
Endre Vazul Mándli – dis|harmonica, electronics
Ádám Mészáros – guitar, effects
Rieko Okuda – synths, keys, electronics