In Between | 2018

In Between is an hour long dance performance by dancer, choreographer Mikel Aristegui, for whom I made a couple of shorter soundtracks before this bigger work. The piece presents the question of the binary definition of gender, to reflect on the importance of today’s need to treat gender “not defined” in order to begin a dialogue on equality. “In Between is that space between men and women, between masculine and feminine, the definition of the non-binary gender”

The soundtrack includes classical and pop collages made by editing and manipulating recordings, furthermore there are scenes with original music composed and produced by me.

  • Director, choreographer: Mikel Aristegui
  • Interpretation: Rosabel Huguet Dueñas, Nuria Sotelo, Mikel Aristegui
  • Lights: Octavio Mas Ibañez
  • Music: Gabor Csongradi
  • Video: Camila Rapetti
  • Graphic design: Marta Romero
  • Production: Mikel Aristegui
  • In collaboration with: Galicia Danza Contemporánea, Auditorio Municipal de Ourense

Premiere: 15th November 2018, Auditorium of Ourense, Spain

In Between – Trailer from Cia Mikel Aristegui on Vimeo.