Gabor CsongradiWelcome! My name is Gabor Csongradi. I am a professional guitar player and  composer. I am also a qualified guitar teacher with over 12 years of experience with students from age of 6 up to adults. Do you have an interest or passion for rock, blues, funk, pop, jazz, latin music, or just want to play some of your favourite tunes for fun? If the answer is a resounding yes, then I can offer private lessons from beginner to advanced levels. I teach in an individual and person centered way,  the lessons being based on your own requests and interests in addition to my perspectives as an experienced practitioner and teacher. If you are willing to invest some time I can certainly guide you in developing your technique, theory, imagination and ear in ways which still maintain a sense of curiosity and enjoyment.

What do you need to have?

You will need a guitar.. (any kind will do: electric, classical, steel string) and I will request for the first session, that you think of your favourite music (you may also bring it along in any audio format, or links etc). This will help to build a picture of your interests and goals.


30 € per lesson (60 min)
(on request, for instance in case of small children it is possible to make a deal for shorter – 30 or 45 min. – classes, please contact me with your needs)


We may talk in English, Dutch, or Hungarian on the lessons, my German is not yet fluent but I am working on it and will get there very soon.


Anzengruberstrasse, Neukölln, 12043 Berlin
(note: to have home based lessons is also an option, contact me to discuss the possibilities)

Please feel free to get in contact with me for further information:

+49 176 2841 6306