‘Neutrois’ by Mikel Aristegi

I am working on producing the soundtrack for the dance piece Neutrois, choreographed by Mikel Aristegi in the ATALAK 2.0 programme of Dantzaz Company. ATALAK is an initiative of Dantzaz promoted by Donostia Kultura, that offers choreographers of the Basque Country creative residencies with its 12 dancers.

The piece seeks to see what happens if we remove the traditionally accustomed classification of male and female genders. The soundtrack was made by editing and manipulating recordings of Schubert, Gluck and Mozart pieces with the help of computer electronics. Special thanks to the consultative feedbacks of Georgi Sztojanov.

To be seen together with Heterotopía choreographed by Iker Gómez, both performed by Dantzaz Company: April 17: Dantzagunea (Errenteria), April 18: Gare du Midi – Grand Studio (Biarritz, FR), April 20: Tabakalera (San Sebastián)