Leipzig Book Fair

I’m about to spend two days at the Leipzig Book Fair this weekend, playing three times, details listed here: 

15th March, 14h – Hungarian pavilion – solo set
16th March, 19h – Schaubühne Lindenfels – “Bauhaus 99” evening – with CHB Orchestra
16th March, 11h – Hungarian pavilion – duo with Szilveszter Miklós

Mikel Aristegui

Working on a short soundtrack for a performance of Mikel Aristegui again. He will perform it in San Sebastian, where I am looking forward to visit in the end of this year, for a next premier of Mikel I make the music for. Update about that will come later.

HAB Choir

I am working on a choir arrangement for the Hungarian choir HAB, I’m looking forward to hear them singing it in Budapest end of April.

Soundtrack BIRD & CAGE

I made a new mix of the soundtrack I produced earlier this year for the video projection of Bird & Cage. This was a short video installation by Louis Bruno and Agnes Kelm, presenting the abstract idea of a bird and a cage by incorporating the works of Yayoi Kusama and Francis Bacon along the personalities of the two creators.

Conduction Series – Kodály

For the 135th anniversary of the Hungarian composer, ethnomusicologist and pedagogue Zoltán Kodály´s birthday, a four-member vocal ensemble and a solo-cellist will join CHB Orchestra. The thirteen musicians will embed Kodály´s cello sonatas and vocal pieces in an unusual contemporary musical environment with the conduction of Samu Gryllus. The concert takes place in Collegium Hungaricum Berlin on 27th October, after a 10 days preparation period in the residency program of the institute.

Performing Space III workshop

Performing Space is back in 2017 again, the five-days workshop provides research-based practical tools to deal with the multimedia aspect of dance and movement theatre conceptually, and in realisation of a piece. The compositional focus of the work-week facilitates the deep analysis of the architectural, sonic and emotional aspects of space for performing artists.

Performing Space is led by Emese Csornai, light designer with visual arts background, together with Gabor Csongradi musician and composer. For more info check www.emesecsornai.com.

  • Location: Studio laborgras / Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A 10999 Berlin
  • Dates: 2-6. October 2017 / 14-17h
  • Price: 120 € / 97 € for early birds
  • Apply at: info@emesecsornai.com

Light Tales @ Paderborn

Light Tales was selected to the 2017 program of Internationale Kulturbörse in Paderborn, with ‘Im Kreise geht die Reise’. We will perform at 8pm on Monday 4th September, and 1.30pm on Tuesday the day after, both at ‘Spot1’ location of the festival.

Light Tales has a new website now, you can find more information about us there: