Solo @ CHB

Playing in solo for the interactive audio and video installation ‘Stimme der Freiheit’ at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, 7.00pm on 15th March. Come by and add your voice to the soundscape!

Cristina Lelli & Kristin Lahoop

I started working on something new and exciting with visual artist, costume and set designer Cristina Lelli and hula hoop artist Kristin Lahoop. Such inspiring and promising moments I’m having with them from the very first moment that I can only say I am really excited about how our first performance will look like. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long to see!

Stranger Premiere in Berlin

Stranger is a performance in which music dance and light design are in an interplay with each other. The performance is dealing with two strangers meeting each other, and how such an encounter can change the life of both participants. The same meeting is introduced from different angles on different levels over and over again. The more levels we meet the story, the more apparent it becomes that meeting a stranger is our best chance for understanding our motivation and character.

choreography, dance: Mikel Aristegui, Silvia Bennett, Annapaola Leso
composition, music: Gabor Csongradi, Georgi Sztojanov
direction, light: Emese Csornai

The performances will take place 23-26th of February 2017 in DOCK11 Berlin, every night at 19:00. Tickets at: 030-35120312,

Bird & Cage

Produced soundtrack for Bird & Cage, a short video installation by Louis Bruno and Agnes Kelm, presenting the abstract idea of a bird and a cage by incorporating the works of Yayoi Kusama and Francis Bacon along the personalities of the two creators.

Performing Space II

Our workshop with Emese Csornai is back this year again. The five days will provide tools to deal with the multimedia aspect of dance and movement theatre, with special attention on how the use of light and music can be invested to the advantage of a creation of set or improvisative performances.

Workshop: 24-28 October 2016 | 14-17h
Presentation: 29 October 2016 | 19h
Venue: Studio laborgras
Price: 110€/95€ for early birds

Emese Csornai – light designer with visual arts background
Gabor Csongradi – guitar, electronics

Further info and registration:

Bendegúz Varga Quintet

Jumping in to play with the band of drummer and good old friend Bendegúz Varga. Saturday, 6th August, at Debrecen Wine & Jazz Days (Debrecen, Hungary).

Daniel Mester – sax, Gábor Cseke – piano, Gabor Csongradi – guitar, Ádám Bögöthy – bass, Bendegúz Varga – drums

Residency in CHB

Spi.res.I am glad to work together with two exciting drummers Andrea Belfi and Andras Halmos as part of the Spiral Residencies program series of Collegium Hungaricum Berlin. We will perform the second concert of the series focusing on the topic of rituals. The concert will take place in CHB on 17th June. Details will be announced soon.