BOX /*for grownups/@ OT301

New piece coming up with Silvia and Emese, I play live music for this one, electric guitar and live electronics. *update> This performance gave the idea for DOOS, the new MrHat episode for children.

Dancer and Maker: Silvia Bennett
Dramaturgy and light design: Emese Csornai
Music: Gabor Csongradi

“I’m packing, I’m moving, everything is ready, and there’s always that box.. it’s the heaviest, it always comes with me, what is inside? I invite you to watch..This work in progress peace is an ironical reflection on illusions and attachments, it moves around stereotypes in an imaginary world.”

Thursday, 28th November, 9 p.m. @ Overtoom 301, entrance 7€
2nd part of the evening with godfather Alfredo on guitar & space ship:

“Apples fall down, why doesn’t the moon?”

Choreography and performance: Sayaka Akitsu
Music: Alfredo Genovesi
Dramaturgy: Artemis Lampiri

introducing Nanoprotect

here comes Daniel Mester and the Nanoprotect, let me invite you to a rock concert. new band, new tunes, first gig! be there with us to see what Daniel created out of us. Christopher Klassen – voice, Daniel Mester – sax & keyboard, Gabor – guitar (let me introduce you my overdrive pedal this time), Bernhard Hollinger – bass, Attila Gyárfás – drums

Thursday, 21th November, 9 p.m @ Antarctica, Amundsenweg 1.

Pálinkálom @ Petőfi Kultúrtér

One more concert with Burján Orsi @ The Pálinkálom at Petőfi Kultúrtér, Székesfehérvár. The speciality of the event is that play with a drum set this time, instead of percussions. We are looking forward to play with Áron Nyírő, who played the drums in some Pálinkálom tunes already once in Amsterdam. On saxophone Miklós Borbély this night again, Starting at 9 p.m.

Silent movies @ Kisüzem

We are back with János Ávéd (sax, piano, flute, and all kind of other instruments) with our duo (me on guitar and live electronics) to improvise music on early silent or muted movies at Kisüzem this Sunday from 8.30 p.m. Our excerpts for this night are from:

Fritz Lang: Metropolis (1927)
Melville Webber,J.S.Watson Jr,Edgar Allen Poe: The Fall Of The House of Usher (1928)
Luis Buñuel-Salvador Dalí: L’Âge d’Or (The Golden Age) (1930)
Man Ray: Emak-Bakia (1926)
Maya Deren: The Very Eye of Night (1958)
and a film excerpt from much later: Abracadabra by Philippe Decouflé.