Pool (workshop) | 2013 – 2014

Pool was a series of thematic workshops in 2013, held in Overtoom 301 and Muiderpoort Theater in Amsterdam. It aimed to have an improvisation interface between music, dance, light, and social science. Every month different leaders were assigned to these different media, and a theme was investigated. I lead the music aspect two times in the series, and on a 3 days long special edition the following year in Italy.

21st April 2013, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
Theme: “Mistakes/Risk”
Leaders: Thomas Johansens (dance), Gabor Csongradi (music), Makiko Ito (light), Margherita Landi (observation group)

9th June 2013, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
Theme: “Exhibitionism”
Leaders: Silvia Bennett (dance), Gabor Csongradi (music), Ellen Knops (light), Emese Csornai (observation group)

23–25th February 2014, Teatro Cantiere Florida, Florence
Leaders: Silvia Bennett (choreography/dance), Emese Csornai (visuals/lights), Gabor Csongradi (music), Margherita Landi (observation group/anthropology)