Sola | 2012

“Sola” was created in a residency program by T.r.a.s.h. dance performance group. It was premiered 5 May 2012 in De NWE Vorst Theater, Tilburg. The piece is about the physical and emotional struggle of two women in an apocalyptic, unsettled and at the same time poetic environment. While fighting with despair and the dependance on each other’s body, the contaminated, transformed surroundings stimulate changes in their behaviours. The landscape is reflecting their confrontation with their own transformation which culminates in bowing to the inevitable.


The rest of the music for this piece was made on guitar, using electronic effects, apart from that a choir work by Monteverdi and a number from the 80’s Swiss band Grauzone appear.

  • Concept, choreography, dance: Hannah Shakti Bühler, Katja Scholz
  • Music: Gabor Csongradi