Mr. Hat – Doos | 2014 – 2015

Doos is a non-language based multidisciplinary performance for children (2-6 years age range) and their parents. The result of the ongoing international collaboration (TRi.Co performance group) between Silvia Bennett dancer, Emese Csornai lighting designer and visual artist, and Gabor Csongradi composer. Box offers a special sensory experience that leads the audience on a poetic and magical journey.

Mr Hat is  a curious, brave and child-like character who dives into imaginary worlds and captivates the audience with strange, exciting and funny escapades. The character was created in 2009 by the Italian performer Silvia Bennett, Mr Hat and lots of happy children have been on many adventures   since and Silvia was invited to create a new piece for 2 Turven Hoog Festival in 2014. She has brought her elaborate working process with TRi.Co to meet this world of children performances.

Lou Cope was guiding the group through the process with her highly efficient and sensitive dramaturgic support. Encouraged by the neurological studies of Alison Gopnik, in this performance using the three staging elements the group is engaging the associative brain of children between 2-6. Based on the feedback so far from the young audiences the joy was mutual.

  • Direction, lights: Emese Csornai
  • Dance, choreography: Silvia Bennett
  • Composer, live music: Gabor Csongradi
  • Dramaturgical advice: Lou Cope

Doos was touring in Netherlands in 2014-2015 and is available  for booking internationally.