Updates – No updates

I haven’t posted updates here for a long time.. The reason for that is that since the beginning of this year I’ve been so busy with projects that I simply haven’t had the time to keep the website up to date. As soon as I have capacity I will catch up with this, and share info about all the works. For a teaser I list some keywords here:

Guerilla Architects – Re:Visited
4 channel audio-visual installation, exhibited for 6 months at Berlinische Galerie

Guerilla Architects and Alícia Augustin – Tragödie, Akt III ‘The more you know’
live streaming show at Radialsystem, sound production, music, and live mixing

Tanzfähig and Karina Suárez Bosche – Mit den Augen der Haut
dance film, premiered at Soundance Festival 2021 Berlin, sound and music

Mikel Aristegui – Son Libre
dance performance, soundtrack

Neural Paradises – Immersive Brainwaves & Dance Experience
interactive workshop with movement, audio-visual installation, and brain-sensor interface